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Summer Protection (Brazilian & Keratin)

What is the difference between Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Treatments?

LeShay's is launching a Summer promotion for protecting your curls with Brazillian Blowouts and Keratins. Nevertheless, we need to provide our clients with information about the difference between each treatment to aid the choice in which one is better suited for each client's preference. 


Brazilian Blowout: A brand apart from Keratin treatments, a smoothing treatment with a specialized formula. 

Keratin Treatments: A smoothing treatment containing protein keratin.

Brazilian Blowout: 

The Brazilian Blowout is a plant-based treatment developed for hair smoothing with active ingredients such as amino acid used as its leading ingredient. A Brazilian Blowout places a coating of protein on the hair that reduces bulk and volume and curl, offering up to 3 curl reduction levels. 

The most significant difference from the Brazilian Blowout to other Keratin Treatments is coating vs. penetrating. The Brazilian Blowout is a process of coating the hair with protein instead of penetrating and sealing your hair like The Keratin. Essentially this means if it has not been cared for correctly, you run the risk of washing the treatment down the drain (literally). Consult a LeShay's stylist on which products you should be using to avoid protein overload on your hair. Alternatively, you can purchase your proper hair care treatments from the salon during our promotional sale (Summer 2020). The recommended products to minimize dry and brittle hair are B3 Deep Conditioner bonding treatment provided at our salon. 

Keratin Treatment: 

Keratin treatments work through tiny keratin molecules that penetrate each hair strand from inside out, allowing it to replenish and repair each strand. Your hair will appreciate this as the molecules fortify your hair, making it healthier, more manageable, and lasting. Keratin treatments do wash out over time but can be made to last significantly longer than protein-based treatments with the proper at-home care. Additionally, Keratin treatments can be customized to keep your curls or get a curl reduction. Another perk of a Keratin treatment means not worrying about overdoing treatments or timing because your hair will take what it needs, and the remainder will wash away.

Many people say the significant difference between a Brazilian Blowout and Keratin treatment is the downtime, meaning the length of time until you can style and rewash your hair. This is no longer the case. With new advancements, you can get your keratin treatment and Brazilian Blowout without the downtime. 

Book your Brazillian and Advanced Keratin Treatment Today and or Restock on your Aftercare treatments. 


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